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James - Ruby on Rails developer. Former options trader. Risk taker. Looking for new project (as founder not employee)
Ian - CTO of iDialogs, a cloud based agent for helping patients and doctors better deal with chronic medical conditions.
Featured Members:
John Durant John Durant John Durant – Author of The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health. – release Sept 17. Studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard prior to founding Paleo NYC and Barefoot Runners NYC. Featured in the New York Times, The Colbert Report, and NPR. HunterGatherer.com
Lisa Winning HeTexted Lisa Winning – Founder & CEO of HeTexted.com, the first Q&A service dedicated to dating questions. Author at Simon & Schuster and Random House. Aussie in NYC. Looking to recruit Bros…
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Gillian - Founder, TripCommon. Strategist, finance/analysis background, recruiting travel junkies to build the next generation of travel search and booking tool...
Alexander - COO at Ufora, a data science tools co. Enjoy UX, lending mechanisms (crowdfunding, microfinance), trust-based social networks, contemporary art, unusu...
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Ariel - co-founder and lead developer of AbroadU. Developer/Designer interested in entrepreneurship and large data processing.
Jon - CTO / Developer / Product Manager / Startup Veteran. Over the last six years I've led the technical growth of a successful healthcare SaaS company. I'...
Featured Member:
Ben Sun Benjamin Sun – Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. Start ups that I launched and/or invested in include Community Connect, Coupang, Yipit, Kontagent, HowAboutWe, PlumDistrict, ThinkNear, FundedBuy, Noom and Jump Ramp Games. Partner at High Peaks Venture Partners and a co-founder and partner of LaunchTime LLC
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Howard - Founder of ContactUs.com. Previously co-founder of HealthCare.com/BrokersWeb (acquired). Online marketing and customer acquisition. Former VC and inve...
Lev - Entrepreneur, cowboy coder/developer. Former financial services consultant, cofounder and co-owner of SlantShack Jerky, started ReciPal.com for food e...
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Kevin - co-founder of med nexus, inc. (predictive analytics startup), theoretical physics phd
Tim - venture capital associate at Pilot Mt Ventures, finance, formerly JPMorgan