Celebrating 2 years, over sixty dining events, five picnics, and a community of 1,500+ select members. Dinner at 7pm followed by drinks at 9pm in Chelsea.

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Philippe - PM interested in data viz, the social impact of tech & the developing world.
Danielle - journalist, writer, editor, sometimes yoga instructor, startup enthusiast, wannabe coder, let's talk ideas!

Mik - Director of Operations, Hive and LaunchLM at Alliance for Downtown New York
Michael - UX Designer turned founder. Working on a startup to help the wine industry connect with consumers based on their personal wine preferences.

Lylan - Venture Capital Investor at White Star Capital. Kauffman Fellow. Formerly VP Product. Other things: bilingual Canadian, AdTech, Computer Science...
Jay - Art director / motion designer / interface designer. Founder of PLUX (plux.co), a small company focused on forging creative partnerships to produce o...
Steven Rosenbaum Magnify.net Steven Rosenbaum – CEO Magnify.net the leading video curation platform for publishers. Author Curation Nation (McGraw Hill / 2011). NYCEDC Entrepreneur at Large working to foster the burgeoning NYC startup environment. Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. Creator of MTV UNfiltered. Regular blogger on technology and the evolution of the internet for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company.
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Lonnie - Product person, co-founded three startups, currently looking for a product management position.
Steven - I'm a Product Guy (PM) with a tech and UX background from Microsoft. I do PM and BizDev at Ufora, a distributed big data and machine learning platform...
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Cameron - business (fmr banker) / development (objc + js) / design (mobile) all rolled into one
Daniel - Senior Software Engineer in Bloomberg LP, building options analysis and trading applications. Through technologing, hoping to make the world a better...