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Join us at an East Village Cafe at 6pm and chat with creative folks from the tech industry. Friends welcome!
Lightricks Itai TsiddonItai Tsiddon co-founder Lightricks Ltd. Lightricks first product, Facetune, has been the #1 ranked paid iOS and Google Play app in over 100 countries, and the company has served as Facebook’s case study for mobile user acquisition. Itai studied at NYU, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During Itai’s clerkship in the Supreme Court of Israel, he co-founded Lightricks Ltd. with 4 computer science PhD students. Itai has worked in the Mergers and Acquisitions department of the New York office of Davis Polk & Wardwell. He lives in New York City.
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Justin - startup founder, engineer, armchair economist, caffeine addict, runner, guitarist, angel investor, SF-to-NYC transplant
Aaron - Co-founder @ LaundryPuppy (Dry Cleaning & Laundry, Fetched. With just a text). Adventurer, citibiker, dodgeballer, UCB improv wannabe. Frmr consu...
Less noise – more conversation. We’re keeping our exclusive format, curated for you by you, but this time you get to bring your friends!
Ringly Christina Mercando of RinglyChristina Mercando is the Founder and CEO of Ringly, integrating wearable technology with beautifully designed jewelry and accessories. Prior to founding Ringly, Christina was the VP of Product at Hunch, that was acquired by eBay in 2011. There she played a major role in improving the shopping experience across Christina’s passion for art & technology started early. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in Fine Art and Human Computer Interaction. She has a strong interest in user-centered design and its power to enrich both on- and offline experiences.
SINY Shaun Johnson of the Startup InstituteShaun Johnson is the Co-Founder of Startup Institute, an edtech company equipping individuals with the skills, access and mindset needed to make an immediate and positive impact on the startup venture they join. Shaun is a technologist, early adopter, and helper of people. He also serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Georgetown University’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. In his “spare” time, he brews beer, makes yogurt, and likes playing Two Truths and a Lie.
Vishal Goklani of MetricleVishal Goklani is Co-Founder and CEO of Metricle, a real-time data-analytics and strategy firm focused on building data-driven products. He previously worked as a Senior Research Engineer at 81qd, applying state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to social media and Twitter. He also has extensive experience in both quantitative finance and algorithmic trading. Vishal holds an M.S. in mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS).
One Month Logo Chris CastiglioneChris Castiglione is the co-founder of the Y Combinator backed One Month. He’s a life-long learner who doesn’t believe that learning stops when class stops. In the past, he’s developed websites for The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, American Express and various NYC-based startups. In 2013 he taught at Columbia University and is currently an adjunct professor at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. His latest class is One Month HTML, teaching you to code HTML & CSS, 30 minutes a day for 30 days. One Month Growth Hacking is soon to be released.
Sexual Health Innovations Jessica LaddJess Ladd is the Founder and Executive Director of Sexual Health Innovations, a non-profit dedicated to creating technology that advances sexual health and wellbeing. Jess has worked for the White House Domestic Policy Council, The AIDS Institute, and a number of other non-profits. Jess was pursuing her PhD at Johns Hopkins before taking a leave to dedicate herself full-time to Sexual Health Innovations. She has been honored as a Fearless Changemaker by the Case Foundation, an Emerging Innovator by Ashoka, and the Civic Hacker of the Year by Baltimore Innovation Week.
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Kate - Founder, Teacher Developing suite of games and army of amazing teachers.
Amiko - startup institute member, marketer, strategist, analyst, crossfitter.
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Kevin - Self-taught engineer building a fitness company. Paying the bills by working in finance during the day
Shang - Customer and Market Insights Analyst at Victoria's Secret. Learning MySQL, R, front-end dev
Rain or Shine, join us for a Pre-Picnic brunch in Chealsea. Afterward we’ll head to NYC Tech Picnic as a group.
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Tarun - Programmer, physicist, recovered mathematician, tech house lover and amateur rock climber who dabbles with high-dimensional statistics and its applica...
Tsiddon - Co-Founder @ Lightricks Ltd., publishers of Facetune, the #1 ranked paid iOS app in over 100 countries and Apple Best of 2013. More to come.
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Marilyn - Software Developer intern at Goldman Sachs, new to NYC
Roger - founder, designer, developer, artist, bodybuilder, actor, stair climber, marathon runner, competitive eater, director, producer, entrepreneur, connect...