Amusemi is a dining club for designers, developers, entrepreneurs and friends.

Currently we’re a NYC only organization with nearly 2,000 members, and over 80 dining and drinking events hosted so far.

Curated small groups:

We believe in curated in-person networking in small groups. To us the most pleasant experience is closely interacting with a small number of select people.

Small groups allow us to make small reservations at restaurants and speakeasies. Thus we provide an elegant and cost-effective setting for conversation.

Multiple locations at one time:

There are multiple restaurants or bars for a single event. This is what allows us to scale. Attendees split up into small groups at multiple locations.

For an event we specify the general neighbourhood and dining type. We provide members with a reservation at a specific location after they've selected who they want to meet.

Democratic, personalized curation:

Members choose who they want to meet from a list of likely attendees. We algorithmically form tight-knit, personalized groups by satisfying as many meeting requests as possible.

We believe that by asking members who they'd like to connect with we're creating a new type of curation sytem. One that is democratic, distibuted, and puts members in control of their experince.

We're still in beta!

We're still in beta, though we've been around for 3 years, so we hope that you'll show us some leniency - our top priority is perfecting what happens offline!